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Villasimius, South Sardinia

The town of Villasimius is located on the south east coast of Sardinia, near the Gulf of Carbonara. The foundation dates back to 1812 when the knight Incani was ordered by the Marquis of Quirra to repopulate the area that had once flourished around the village of Carbonara, during the Spanish rule in the '500 and '600. From this era we have the coastal towers, built up on the hills and used as look outs for approaching pirate ships, and the Old Fortress, now a archaeological museum, located on a promontory near Capo Carbonara. The raids were in fact very common at the time so much so that the inhabitants of Carbonara had to leave the thriving village.

In 1862 the inhabitants of the new Carbonara changed the name to Villasimius. For decades, the country's economy was based on the cultivation of wheat and almond trees and the extraction of granite. Fishing, curiously, had very little impact on the economy. During the first half of the '900 was built a coastal road connecting the city centre with the city of Cagliari. Since the 1960’s Villasimius, thanks to the great beauty of its coastline, has become a tourist attraction whose importance is growing year by year.

Every summer thousands of tourists animate the village and seaside resorts in the area. Besides the charm of the many beaches of fine white sand, Villasimius attracts many visitors eager to take a boat trip in the waters of the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara or a jeep tour in the beautiful mountains of the inner zone. The many local restaurants and nightclubs liven the nightlife of this pearl of southern Sardinia..

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